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Malvern Cleaners offer carpet cleaning services throughout the Malvern and Worcester area. Our experienced agents have worked with all types of carpets and flooring and use a hot water extraction process to ensure your carpets retain their fresh look and last for that much longer.

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How our Malvern and Worcester carpet cleaning service works.

Our Malvern and Worcester Carpet Cleaning service has been developed over many years of working in the local area. We have a simple process that has repeatedly ensured excellent results.

First of all, your carpet cleaning enquiry will be discussed with our office manager on the phone to work out what needs doing and what has been used on the carpet before during previous cleans. We will then assign an inspector to visit your property and to give you an accurate quote based on what they have seen and what work they deign is necessary to clean the carpet. Only estimations can be given over the phone, and these obviously are limited by what is divulged from our clients.

Once the quote is given and accepted, our carpet cleaner will arrive on the appointed day and carry out the carpet clean with our hot water extraction technology. The clean itself often requires a pre-wash vacuum to remove as much loose dirt as possible, and this is then followed by a 'carpet spot clean' to remove individual stains such as old wine drops or candle wax and chewing gum markings.

After the carpet is spot cleaned, the hot water extraction process is applied and the carpet is properly cleaned in a system of over-lapping rows to ensure that the entire carpet area is covered. The hot water and cleaning agents, already mixed, are impregnated into the carpet where they will dislodge any dirt and then almost immediately are hoovered up. Such a recovery means that much of the hot water is extracted from your carpets so quickly that drying times are usually no more than 2-3 hours.

Malvern and worcester Carpet cleaners faqs

1) What is 'hot water extraction carpet cleaning?'

Having worked in the carpet cleaning industry for nearly a decade, our chief technician believes that hot water extraction is the best form of carpet cleaning available for our Malvern and Worcester clients. This type of carpet cleaning is where a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents is saturated into the carpet at a high pressure, followed up a second later by a high powered vacuum cleaner that extracts all the water and 'nasties' with it. It can also be referred to as 'steam cleaning' though industry terminology gives it the HWE abbreviation (Hot Water Extraction!) - and this process doesn't use actual steam as the temperature would be too high and could risk damage to carpets. The swift extraction of the water also allows the carpets to dry quicker, which is important to maintain their appearance and composition.

2) How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend that their carpets are cleaned every 12 - 18 months. Of course this does depend on the use of the carpet: does it receive a lot of traffic, especially in the months of autumn and winter? Are there pets present in the property? Is it on the ground floor or first floor? And, of course, what type of carpet is it, as some are designed more for function than appearance and will therefore not need as much cleaning.

3) Will I have to clear all my furniture out of a room for you to clean my carpets?

If the entire room needs doing, then this will be necessary as our carpet cleaning equipment is not agile enough to get into confined spaces (e.g. under sofas). However, we can help with this and we can work around large objects and then move them onto the previously cleaned carpet when that area is dry.

4) Is hot water extraction carpet cleaning going to damage my carpets at all?

No. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is recommended by many carpet manufacturers as the best way to clean their carpets and to prolong their life.

5) Do I need to vacuum my carpets before you clean them?

It's usually part of our procedure to vacuum a carpet we are about to begin cleaning, but if the carpet is particularly dirty then it would be advisable to give it a decent vacuum to remove any loose dirt, dust, and debris. Our technician can then make a decision on the day.

6) How long will it take for my carpets to dry out after they have been cleaned?

We usually err on the side of caution for your freshly cleaned carpets and suggest a 3 hour period after the final clean is carried out. Our Malvern and Worcester carpet cleans are carried out by hot water extraction, which means much of the water is actually removed from the carpet shortly after washing it, so the carpets aren't too damp after the cleaning process.

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