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Worcester carpet cleaning: a case study from the floor of a popular Worcester pub.

Malvern Cleaners were asked to quote for cleaning the carpets of a Worcester pub and restaurant. It became a tale of endurance and hard-won carpet cleaning victory!

There's no other way to explain it really. When you are in the carpet cleaning business you know some carpets are going to be tough to clean! At the very top of this list is 'the pub.' It's an environment where you have people standing around for hours at a time, sometimes with pets and children thrown into the mix to add their own brand of staining, and the footfall is high traffic, with lots of liquids, foods, and various other substances being consumed (which means that they usually add to the mosaic of debris on the poor carpets). The carpets become a veritable record of the activities which are carried out above, and in our Worcester pub, that means it is a microcosm of all human life in general.

The other element to consider with cleaning carpets of pubs is that you need the window of time to do it. The opening hours of pubs means that any clean has to be done in a morning, before opening time, yet the carpets are usually in such condition that they will need extra attention and also, in large premises, there can be a large surface area to cover.

Thus it was that this Worcester carpet cleaning requirement was broken down into two mornings. The first, a Monday morning, was dedicated to spot cleaning: to target those areas of particularly unsightly appearance. This involved scraping off the chewing gum marks (those grey-black spots that I consider to be an affront to humanity), and cleaning any stains by blotting in remover and giving these areas their own wash. This was the back-breaking part of the work. Nearly all carpets we clean need some spot clean element to them, but in a pub there are more per square metre than most carpet cleans, so it was a case of doing one at a time and working my way around the entire floor. It was the trench-warfare of carpet cleaning: a chewing gum removal here, a crusted stain taken up there, a splodge of wine that had lain undisturbed for months, perhaps years . . . and so on. But nonetheless, our determination was rewarded: by opening time, the spot clean had removed the more visually offensive areas.

The second morning, a Tuesday, work started at 07.00am to give us as much time as possible to give the carpets the necessary clean and time to dry before opening. The thoughtful staff had managed to clean away much of the furniture onto a hardwood area and out of our way, so work could start immediately. This was an easier day than the day before, for there wasn't nearly so much kneeling and crouching as then. But even so, the sheer amount of dirt that our hot water extraction process took out of the carpet during its clean was simply immense. I estimated we must have removed half its mass by the time we were done - and we had to change the water on almost every other row!

The end result: this Worcester carpet clean was a success, albeit one that was won with hard toil and graft - but every pub environment will be similar, and the locals recognised the effort made and the management of the pub was regarded all the better for it.

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