Ideal for property developers and renovations, our builders clean option can get the property into shape for new owners and viewings. Whether you are renovating a single bedroom apartment or managing a large scale development of dozens of new builds, our builders cleaning can ensure that the finished work is presented in the best possible light.

How our builders clean programs are carried out.

Upon receiving your enquiry, a dedicated account manager will arrange a time to come and visit the premises and do an inspection of the property and to work out a cleaning timetable for the builders clean. We have successfully managed small scale renovations, from single apartments and detached houses, to carrying out the cleaning for newly refurbished retirement villages and show rooms, and the common factor in all these cases has been our management.

Once a timetable has been established for the builders clean, our account manager will prepare a cleaning plan. This will involve a check list, often on a room-by-room basis, of which elements need to be done and whether any item requires special attention or a particular cleaning product.

A very short time before the clean is to be carried out, our account manager will pay an inspection to the site and ensure that the designated area is ready for our cleaning agents to start. This is important as it will identify any areas that are not fully prepared by the building team, and also point out any health and safety hazards before our staff go in.

Once the building clean is complete within each area, the client/site manager and account manager will go through the cleaned location with the check list and ensure that everything is satisfactory. It is then that the client will sign off the area, and our job, and the builders clean, will be complete.