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A Malvern Carpet Cleaner's case study:

Malvern Cleaners were asked to clean the carpets of a large Victorian house off Graham Road, fitting the clean into a tight schedule amongst other trades. Amongst the panic, we rose to the task.

It seems a trend is growing amongst landlords and letting agencies that it is now becoming necessary to get a professional carpet clean before any deposit can be released back to the tenant. This is something we have noticed is becoming ever more common in Malvern. And it is also hard to schedule a carpet clean in between the short period of a tenant moving out and a new one moving in.

This situation is made more exasperating to the point of hair loss if the carpet clean is to be scheduled around other work that might be required to keep the property maintained after a long term tenant moves out.

Our carpet cleaning team found themselves in exactly this predicament in August this year. The property was an immense house just off Graham Road, not too far from Malvern library, and the previous tenants were a family consisting of children and pets who had dwelt there for several years. In this time, the carpets hadn't been cleaned.

We were dealing with grime and stains of a historical nature!

And to make matters worse, the owner was (wisely) taking the opportunity to make some improvements to the property: a decorating team was scheduled to finish a quick internal paint job before the carpet cleaners were to go in - and we would be in there at the same time as a plumber was updating the waterworks.

Tradespeople being what they are, it didn't take long for the schedule to go awry. The decorators found some mould in a ceiling which changed the nature of their work, and this meant that we were all in each others way. Imagine the scene: a cacophony of competing portable radios bellowing out their shows in a headache inducing stream of conciousness from the lowest depths of the asylum!

It was time for radical action. Our carpet cleaner in chief, Steve, decided it was time to don his ear protectors. It's probably the first time he's actually worn them when doing the spot clean stage of any carpet clean!

The spot clean itself was more than a single day's work, and Steve wisely carried on into the early evening once the other trades had clocked their hours, targeting those stains in areas of the carpet that would otherwise be underfoot when they returned. The small hallway near the entrance was a key area here, for this was the carpet that needed spot cleaning the most, having been on the receiving end of people entering the property through years of inclement weather. The good thing about these types of 'natural' stains, such as mud and dirt and years of water that has dripped from the upturned ferrule of an umbrella leaning against a corner to dry after a rainy day, is that whilst they might be numerous, they are not so deep. What this essentially means is that they are easier to clean, and that the stains themselves are less offensive - although sometimes they can be in 'well trod' areas and the dirt itself can be physically compressed into the carpet fibres by the weight of people stomping into the home.

But this time, Steve was lucky. With each experienced dab of his hand, the stains shrunk and the shade of the colour lightened to match that of the rest of the ground floor carpet. When it came time to wash the carpet with his hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine, he was satisfied that it would many years younger and that the main spot stains would all but be removed.

After that, there was the occasional spot on the stair that needed dabbing away, and then it was onto the main upstairs corridor, the last of the high traffic areas, where a red wine stain lay under one wall like the result of a shooting some years before. This one was a battle, a carpet stain that had been compounded by some years of neglect, where it seeped deeper into the fibres and had taken the opportunity to take root.

Such a stain cannot always be removed. That is the truth. If it has been left unattended for so long then the most you can do it to try several spot cleans before going over it with the hot water extraction machine. The colour might drain from the spot, but the mark will sometimes remain. This is also true if the householder has tried to clean the carpet themselves, with a branded product that I shall not dare name! And this is exactly what had happened in this case, all those years ago: the teenage daughter had had a party when the parents were out, wine had been spilt, and an attempt had been made (a week after! Gah!) to clean it up with a product procured from a supermarket. It hadn't worked. The daughter had given up. And the stain had remained a stain.

The following day, Steve deployed the hot water extraction machine - a device that is loud enough to drown out any babbling radio nonsense from an overpaid presenter. The main rooms, being cleared of any furniture, came up well and those areas that had been spot cleaned, for the most, were almost gone entirely - with the exception of the daughter's wine, which still left a darker shade at the bottom of the wall.