Domestic Cleaning in Malvern and Worcestershire.

Malvern Cleaners offers domestic and house cleaning in the Malvern Hills area. We believe that trust is a vital element of any cleaning relationship, so we try our very best to assign you with the same cleaner each and every week.

That way, they get to know what you expect and how you like your property managed, and you get to know your domestic cleaner and have faith in the way they work.

As well as weekly and fortnightly scheduled cleans, we can provide one-off cleaning for domestic and residential settings, which are especially popular around Christmas and the Spring / Easter period.

How our domestic cleans work.

Upon receiving your enquiry, we will assign a cleaner to your property from our trusted pool of cleaning agents, and arrange a meeting with you before any cleaning begins. That way, you get to meet your prospective domestic cleaner and evaluate them before going ahead with the clean. We feel that this is important as it allows you to point out any specific areas that you would like special attention paid to, as well as any areas that you might want them to avoid, or informing us of what cleaning materials you want or do not want us to use.

At this meeting, a list of tasks will be noted down on a room by room basis, ensuring that your domestic cleaner will have a complete hit list of things to concentrate on when cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and any other areas required. You will be emailed this list to 'sign it off' and make sure there are no mistakes, and then it will be passed on to the domestic cleaner for use in your house cleans.

Once the domestic cleaning program begins in your home, you will be emailed any feedback or concerns from the cleaner via ourselves, (such as if a certain cleaning product is running low or a new mop head is advised for the kitchen floor). Malvern Cleaners have found that this is an excellent way to keep track of communications and client requirements, and it works very well.

Malvern Cleaners invoice after each clean, via a PDF attachment in an email, and clients usually pay by bank transfer. This is an ideal way for a record of all work to be established and keeps everything clear for both parties.

What areas do Malvern cleaners cover?

Our domestic cleaning service covers all of Malvern and the Malvern Hills area. We have clients in Colwall, Storridge, Cradely and across to Leigh Sinton, Bransford, and Powick, and then from Callow, Upton-upon-Severn, Hanley Castle, and back to Malvern Wells.

But even if you are slightly outside of this area, then please feel free to contact us - much depends upon our existing schedules, so we might very well be able to fit you in. The map below gives you an idea of where we can provide a domestic cleaning service for your home - but again, it is not absolute, we are nice people and, so long as you are nice as well, we will try our best to be accommodating. (PLEASE NOTE: For one-off cleans, such as end-of-tenancy cleans or moving out and moving in cleans, we can travel farther afield).


D's story: A Case study for domestic cleaning in Malvern.

D. commutes daily from Great Malvern to Birmingham. She has used Malvern Cleaners on a weekly basis since 2014.

“I have had the same cleaner since I engaged Malvern Cleaners to clean my home back in May, 2014. Lubi has proved to be completely consistent and I have never been let down by her. When I come back each day from an often arduous train journey cleaning is really the last thing I want to spend my time doing. Coming back to a clean house for the weekend is most definitely worth it: it allows me those extra hours each week to do more of what I enjoy.”

“I have a three hour weekly domestic clean, and I provide all the cleaning materials for Lubi - sometimes she will replace certain items, like mop heads, though she always asks first and the cost is then added to my weekly payment. The invoices are emailed over to me after each clean, so there is a very good record of the domestic cleaning and for each payment made. It is an excellent system that I have found very easy to work with.”


'Snippets of wisdom from the art of cleanliness.'

What’s one of the most exciting things about your job as a domestic cleaner?

"For me it’s when I carry out a clean and get rid of those spots that the client probably isn’t even aware of. Being a cleaner is much like being a detective: you get to train your eye for what stands out in certain situations. And it also helps a great deal by cleaning the same properties week in week out - you get a routine established and you get to know where everything should be and how the house should be cleaned. I often like to think that we are the first line of defence against the rot. On a few occasions, for example, I have reported back to clients a faint stain in the wall or a spot on the ceiling that has later turned out to be the first drops of a leaky pipe. Fortunately, they were corrected at an early stage before any dry rot could develop, and the client ended up saving a potential fortune. Another time I discovered a severe leak in the roof of a client's garage and had to call out a plumber, which meant me waiting on site for longer than scheduled, but it made all the difference to them and saved a good deal of their belongings from becoming ruined. It really is the case of keeping your eyes open and noticing things."

Do you have any particular fears about cleaning?

"My one is not so much about the cleaning, but rather about getting in and out. I clean for clients with automatic gates and others with alarms and sets of keys! I did carry out a clean for a client in Hanley Swan and the alarm malfunctioned: it just wouldn’t stop! I had half the street peering at me from behind half drawn curtains at eight thirty in the morning - it was so embarrassing, but it really wasn’t my fault. Since then, complex entry procedures are a bit of a phobia for me. Still, with the help of cognitive behaviour therapy (joke) I am learning to cope."

Do you have any funny stories to tell about your domestic cleaning adventures?

"Too many! Perhaps the strangest one was when I was doing a domestic clean in Leigh Sinton. It was a relatively run of the mill cleaning job, with a mop for the hard floors and a dust and polish and vacuum for the lounge and a clean out in the bathrooms and toilets. All quite standard stuff that you would expect from a domestic clean. As I came to do the lounge, which was quite expansive with a set of French doors leading to the garden, and with the curtains still pulled across them leaving the room in shadow, I felt that prickly sensation when you know you are not alone. As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, I saw a shadow move across the back of the sofa! It was a huge snake! I’m not sure if Usain Bolt could have moved so fast! It later transpired that the snake, a boa, (and not as big as I first thought when I saw it in the darkness, at just over 4 feet), had escaped from its container after one of the children hadn’t sealed it properly. The family were looking after it for a time, and I have to admit I never really got used to his presence! He hissed at me, and I hissed back!"

Do you have any advice you would like to impart to anyone about to undergo a domestic clean?

"The best one is to make sure the house is ready to be cleaned, and that you have the right cleaning materials on site. There are few more aggravating things than turning up only to find there is no floor cleaner or mop or that the hot water has been turned off. But I suppose I could leave you this ancient piece of Chinese cleaning and managerial wisdom: "Remember, the new broom might sweep clean, but the old broom knows the corners."

J's story: A Case study for domestic cleaning in Cradley.

J is actively retired and sends her time taking care of her grandchildren as often as she can. She has employed Malvern Cleaners to provide that extra bit of fortnightly help in cleaning her home and getting the domestic scene in order for the family visits.

“Stacy has been extremely helpful in helping me get the home cleaned up and ready for the family visits once a fortnight. Coming back from London, I like to offer them a break from the city and to spoil my grandchildren. Having Stacy available for two to three hours at a time is a godsend in the Cradley home.”

“She was especially useful over Christmas, when my husband and I had the whole family back up from London to stay between Christmas Eve and the New Year. I made sure I got a deep clean scheduled early on as I knew that Malvern Cleaners would be in high demand at this time. Luckily, they managed to provide Stacy in the run up to the Christmas period and an effective and thorough clean was carried out that ensured a Christmas of domestic bliss! Thanks.”

Malvern Cleaners answer FAQs about domestic cleaning.

1. Do I provide the cleaning materials or do you bring them with you?

For domestic cleans in a rural area like Malvern, the client is responsible for providing the cleaning materials and hardware. It actually makes sense on a number of levels: it means they are happy with what cleaning products are being used in their home and on their furnishings, and it means the cleaners themselves don't have to commute with them, which reduces the chance of any accidents with potentially hazardous chemicals.

2. Are you insured?

Absolutely! We have insurance that covers us for up to £1 million of liability! Furthermore, we have key holder insurance for our cleaners, which means we can provide that added level of security.

3. Are your house cleaners okay with my pet in the property?

Pets are not usually a problem at all for our cleaners in your home. It is the purpose of the initial inspection and meeting that any animals and potential hazards will be flagged up. However, if the animal is not used to strangers, or if it is an exotic animal of some sort (i.e. anything but a dog or cat!), we would ask to be informed before any cleaning is carried out.

4. Can I have an 'irregular clean' rather than a weekly or fortnightly clean?

We can facilitate the irregular cleans, however we do need notice. Our usual clients are all scheduled so if you want a clean tomorrow, then we might struggle to fit that in. However, do contact us (we can usually get a cleaner out to you even on short notice).

5. Is there anything your Malvern cleaning agents can't do?

There are certain legal precautions that we must adhere to for the safety of our staff, and we would insist that these are respected:

  • Our cleaners should not lift anything over 25lbs (11kg) in weight.
  • Our cleaning agents cannot be expected to scale ladders, due to insurance restrictions.
  • Our cleaners cannot clean areas outside normal reach.
  • Our cleaners cannot be expected to clean any antiques, or pieces of art.

6. Can I make a gift to my cleaning operative?

Please do! We would heartily encourage it too. All gifts or tips made to our cleaners are kept in their entirety by them, and not in any way claimed by the company. We believe such a generous activity is representative of what we strive to build here: the trust between our cleaners and their clients - so please, gift away!

7. What happens if my cleaner breaks something?

We have a no-quibble breakage policy for any object under £20.00 - though the cleaner must report it to us first (they are asked to do this and, on the very few occasions when we have had an accidental drop or nudge on a wobbly shelf or a cup teetering on the edge of the kitchen tabletop, they do this this as soon as they finish the clean at the property). If the object is valued at £20-£50 then we will need a receipt for our records. If the object is worth more than that then we can't guarantee a refund and will consult with our insurance.


Liza's story: A case study in domestic cleaning in malvern.

Liza lives between Malvern and London, and often travels between the two. She has employed Malvern Cleaners since July, 2015, for a fortnightly house clean for her property to the west of the Malvern Hills.

"I have used Lubi's services for more than eighteen months now, and I have been impressed by her reliability throughout that time. She is so familiar with the house that she knows what to clean even if I am away. And if there is anything special I need her to focus on then I can just email the office and they confirm it, usually within a few hours. The responsiveness is something that differentiates Malvern Cleaners from other cleaning services I have used in previous years. She is trustworthy, and her thoroughness is always appreciated. I would happily recommend her."