Will you be helping Malvern to clean up for the Queen?

I am often puzzled by the expression: "Pride comes before a fall." The origin of this saying is Proverbs 16:18, in the King James bible, much of which has worked its way into frequent terminology over the intervening centuries.

Of course I know what the principle meaning is, but I take issue with the use of the word pride. Surely it is excessive pride that comes before a fall, rather than just bog-standard pride, of which any honest-hearted man or woman should feel after a good day's labour?

I realise I am splitting hairs, but I do feel that people should have some pride in their jobs and appearance. This is one key thing that my clients like - they like to live in clean comfort because they have self respect.

So, if we scale this up to the town of Malvern, will you take advantage of the Council's offer to borrow litter picking equipment to clean up your patch? The campaign, set up to honour the Queen's birthday in April, runs through February and March.

Anyone interested holding their own Clean for the Queen litter pick in their area should email claire.vaughan@malvernhills.gov.uk or call 01684 862449.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 19 February.

As a cleaner in Malvern, I think it is a nice idea to bring people together in a way that makes them take pride in their neighbourhoods.


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