Meet our friends, Malvern Radiators.

When you work in a town like Malvern you form long-standing relationships with other local businesses that, if maintained and are suitably reciprecol, can work well for both parties.

As a cleaner, getting a reference from decorators and boiler companies is a key testament to the quality of our work and how others perceive you. But it's also nice to give something back as and when you can to such partners.

With this in mind, Malvern Cleaners would like to recommend John's new business: fitting replacement radiators in Malvern. With more than two decades of experience in the boiler and gas trade, John has built an enviable reputation locally with his skill and service.

Please check out John's website for details of his radiator replacement service. Changing an old unit could save you up to 20% in heating costs after all.

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