How I wish I was . . . an engineer?

It's always interesting to think about what paths your life might have taken had you made different decisions. I suspect most of us have two or three of these defining moments in our lives - the sort we hark back to when things are particularly dark or uncertainty looms. For me, one of those would have been to have pursued a career in engineering or science, (not, as Michael Palin would have us all do, as a Lumberjack!)

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet a person who has qualified as an fabricator and engineer, and who now runs a small company in Malvern leasing out loaders and dumpers for agricultural clients. He started out repairing stump grinders and wood chippers and built an excellent reputation from his clients across the country. Recently, he formed Cobra Plant Machinery, and now hires out stump grinders and wood chippers, as well as loaders and dumpers for small construction projects. 

We got talking about some of his more interesting bespoke works, such as modernising a petrol-powered winch and the common problems he found when fixing wood chippers. With little more experience of anything engineering other than a Meccano set, it was an enlightening conversation for me and did provoke the 'What if . . . ?' question once more.

Oh yes, and I did say I would put a small article on my site about his new company - and today I can once more prove that I am a man of my word!

So if you need to hire a loader or rent a wood chipper or stumpgrinder, pop over to Cobra Plant and speak to Paul.

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