Malvern Cleaners would like to wish you all a cleaner, brighter, and happier 2015!

Going back through 2014 is something I have been doing in those rare relaxed moments that come to all of us at this time of year. Reflecting on the previous twelve months and what I have started, the highs and the lows, and the houses I've cleaned and the people I've worked for. And how to do it again for another year and how to do it better than before.

I have to admit that it's been great fun. I've a list of excellent clients and I've discovered what I had been told repeadedly by those I know who work for themselves: that being your own boss of a small enterprise will make you a better person through the daily challenges and interactions with clients. I've found that there is no one skill set that a self-employed person can rely on - unlike a traditional job where you find yourself closeted in a single role. You have to be a jack-of-all-trades (and master of some!).

Cleaning in Malvern, for example, is a job that demands excellent attention to detail, great interpersonal and account management skills, and a sense of marketing and logistics and a permanent addiction to reliability. And it is a physically demanding role too. The job of a Malvern Cleaner is not an easy one when it's full time, and often at weekends. Cleaning is strenous and you go to bed with worthwhile aches in your arms and legs and back that I think is better than any gym.

So, after a hectic Christmas and New Year and a happy reflection on the previous twelve months, Malvern Cleaners would like to wish both my readers a Happy New Year, and raise a metaphorical but not empty glass to toast another successful twelve months in 2015.


Thanks very much.


PS. Having made my resolution to improve Malvern Cleaners, I've been quite tickled by what a Cheltenham landscaper has written and videoed in his blog. Hand feeding a wild robin. It was one of his goals and I think I might have to make it one of mine.

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