How do you clean a huge marquee?

Malvern Cleaners had a good discussion with our friends at Four Shires Marquees yesterday evening. They are a marquee hire company operating in the Cotswolds area out of Oxfordshire, and we were debating the best way to clean a marquee that can hold festivities for up to 500 people in a single go. I have to say it's not something we've ever cleaned before (and fortunately the conversation was hypothetical).

It brings me to another point that I have long wanted to explore actually. What are the most difficult things to clean? I saw a program about maintaining the cables on the cable-car up to the top of Gibraltar, which certainly isn't a job for the faint-hearted, or the windows on the 68th floor of the New World Trade Centre two weeks ago, where a couple of unfortunate window cleaners got stranded when a cable supporting one side of their scaffolding broke and left them in a very unenviable situation indeed.

The Guardian has a video of it here - and fortunately the two men were rescued.

So, if a marquee is the worst we at Malvern Cleaners has to contend with, then we are very lucky!

If you can think of any awkward or fearsome cleans, them leave me a comment below. I can't promise I'll take any challenges, but I look forward to interesting ideas.

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