End of tenancy cleaning in Malvern.

Do you want to be sure of getting your deposit back on your rented accommodation? Or are you keen to have your new home cleaned thoroughly before you move in? Malvern Cleaners end of tenancy cleaning service can help you if you are a tenant about to move on, a landlord who needs their property tidied up in preparation for new lets, or a seller/buyer who has just sold their property/purchased a new home, and wants it professionally cleaned.

Malvern Cleaners has worked with several local lettings agents, including: Connells Estate Agents, Platinum Estate Agents, and Denny and Salmon. 

Moving out / end of tenancy cleans explained.

With more people renting homes than ever before, end of tenancy cleans are becoming more and more popular. Letting agencies and landlords often insist that a vacating tenant should have the property cleaned thoroughly by an external agency in order to ensure their deposit is returned. Likewise, we at Malvern Cleaners have noticed a steadily growing trend over the last two years where owners who have sold their home will hire us for a 'moving out' clean, to ensure that the property is ready for the new owners. Such a process is now becoming built in to some contracts between buyers and sellers, after all, who would want to move into a home that hadn't been cleaned first?


End of tenancy cleaning focuses on making sure that your rented property is as clean as it can be before the keys are handed back to the letting agents. A clean property is important to ensure that you get your deposit returned, and we at Malvern Cleaners have worked with the majority of lettings agencies in Malvern so we know what it takes to make sure this is the case. Most agencies have check lists of what they expect from the property, so where available we work our way through these and get the agency staff to sign it off before closing the clean down. We have often been employed by the home owners themselves, who want to make certain the property is cleaned up before they rent it out to a new tenant.


When you are moving into your new home, cleaning is the last thing you want to have to think about, yet it is one of those that is best taken care of before you move your belongings into the property. Malvern Cleaners have the capacity to provide cleaners, sometimes on short notice, to make sure that you can take advantage of the short time when the previous owner moves out and before you arrive to place your furniture inside. Cleaning an unfurnished property allows for a far more thorough clean, as skirting boards and carpets will all be exposed.

SM's story: A moving out clean from Malvern CLeaners. 

"I was impressed by the response to my enquiry for booking in a cleaning company to clean my property as we were moving out and I wanted to leave it in good condition for the new owners. With only one available day between moving my furniture out and the buyers moving in, the window for the clean was tight."

"Lubi provided two cleaning agents who arrived right on time at the property in Malvern Link Top, (I even received a confirmation email shortly before). They stuck exactly to the promised time and didn't require a minute over (thus sticking to the agreed price), and managed to clean every room in the house (it's more than 4000sq feet). The new owners were likewise happy with what they did. I would have no problem recommending them for anyone moving out of a home and in need of a clean, or even for a regular clean. Five stars!"